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Promote The Top-Selling French Product And Make Easy Commissions

“Truth About Cellulite” French Version

5 Easy Steps To Success With The Top-Selling French Clickbank Product That Anyone Can Implement!

Facebook and other social network ad clicks are cheaper in French, and yet the commissions you get are the same. So if people are buying new houses with their earnings from the English version, what can you do with the French one?

TruthAboutCellulite has had phenomenal success in English, Spanish and German, so how much easy money is there to be made in French?

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5. No Pop Ups Allowed Video Sales Page (Facebook, Media Buys)


This Product Is Allowed On Facebook!

We’ve all got banned from Facebook ads  in the past. Who hasn’t? But the crazy thing is they’re letting this run and it’s working!

So let’s get to it, you want to make $40-45 per sale, here is how you do it.

  1. Sign up for an advertising account on Facebook, POF, Sitescout or whatever you use.
  2. Target your ads geographically to women in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Québec, Canada.
  3. Specify only women whose first language is French
  4. Break down your campaigns into age groups: 30-35, 36-40, 41-45, 46-50, 51-55, 55-59
  5. Use either your own landing page or one of ours, with your link listed above

Use Prosper202 or DirectCPV to track your results.

Or place some banners on some media networks you know, and target female French-speaking traffic. Easy!

Social Media Ads

Here are some of the highest CTR ads you can use on social networks, adding this text to your banners, or on PPC search/display networks:

  1. Entraineur FOU Dévoile Les Secrets Pour Eliminer La Celulitis, et Comment Cet Exercice Bizarre Rend La Peau Entièrement Lisse, Belle et Libre de Cellulite>>
  2. L’industrie De La Cellulite Est Trompeuse! Entraineur Phyisque Expérimenté Dévoile Comment Aucun Traitement Contre La Celllulite N’est Efficace>>
  3. Plus Aucune Cellulite Dans 3 Semaines! Entraineur Spécialisé Révèle Comment Il Fait Perdre La Cellulite à Des Femmes Dans Rien Que 3 Semaines!
  4. Cette Ancienne Méthode Physique Bizarre Elimine La Cellulite De Facon Efficace Chez 97% Des Femmes!
  5. La Cause #1 De La Cellulite Chez Les Femmes! Evitez Ceci Et Vous Pouvez Vous Libérer De La Cellulite Pour Toujours!
  6. Marre Des Traitements Anticellulite Peu Efficaces? Cette Nouvelle Méthode Elimine La Cellulite Chez 97% Des Femmes>>
  7. Libre De Cellulite et Heureuse! Quand Ella a Appris Comment Eliminer Sa Cellulite, Elle a Eté Etonnée! Cliquez Ici Pour Comprendre Sa Méthode>>
  8. Libre de Cellulite Pour La Vie? Ces 3 Femmes Révèlent Comment Elles Ont Pu Perdre Toute Leur Cellulite>>
  9. Belle et Sans Cellulite! Ces 3 Femmes Révèlent Comment Elles Ont Eliminé Toute Leur Cellulite Pour Toujours!
  10. Pourquoi J’ai de la Cellulite? Cet Entraineur Physique Révèle Ce Que 97% Des Femmes Ne Savent Pas Sur La Cellulite>>


Below are some banners to get you started.

But the full selection is located here (scroll down)



bad-cellulite-on-a-great-body - FR




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No Excuses!

Questions? Just hit me up on info @ libredecellulite.com